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Terms & Conditions

Company Information:

1st Choice SOM (Leeds) Ltd. is a registered company in England and Wales under company registration number 09541303 with registered address being 2 Birkdale Walk, Leeds LS17 7SX. We provide Lessons, Education and associated services in the field of Driver Training.

As with the vast majority of UK Driving schools the Instructors working with 1st choice Driving School are self-employed and work on franchise or sub-contract basis. We work and act as a management and agency for the instructors.

All instructors working with us are DVSA registered with appropriate DBS checks in place. They are all protected by DVSA rules and regulations and reserve the right to terminate any training or refuse to take a pupil for driving test if the driver is unfit to drive due to alcohol consumption, drugs, is abusive or is deemed as not safe to be on the road.

All instructors working with us will ensure that their vehicles are clean, safe and roadworthy and fully insured for all training and tests. All vehicles used for training are fitted with dual controls and have extra mirrors for pupils and Instructor’s safety.

The Terms and Conditions detailed below apply to all bookings and agreements/contracts:

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making a booking or purchasing Items/Vouchers from us. By you making a booking or placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

If you refuse to accept these terms and conditions, you will not be able to make a booking or place an order with us.

All special offers unless otherwise stated cannot be used in conjunction with another offer, more than one discount cannot be applied to any one transaction. Any block bookings made with us are already discounted therefore further discount or offers are not applicable.

All block bookings or vouchers purchased unless otherwise stated are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and are not transferable.

  1. Bookings can only be made by residents in UK
  2. Person making the booking must be over the age of 18
  3. You are legally able to entre in to an agreement with us
  4. You agree to all the terms & conditions
  1. All bookings and orders are subject to acceptance by us
  2. Orders and bookings will normally be confirmed via email
  3. The agreement/contract between 1st Choice Driving school and customers will apply once acknowledgment of booking has been sent out via email
  1. Timings, format, descriptions and photos of training and services offered on our website and third-party promotions is only intended as general overview of services offered and should not be considered as binding
  2. Breakdowns, delays, weather conditions, venue availability and any other curtailments which are not within our control, we cannot be held liable if these lead to any cancellations or inconvenience.
  3. On the grounds of safety, venue or other restriction we reserve the right to alter, modify or cancel lessons where such steps need to be taken.
    Costs + Prices:
  1. The charges for different lessons, block bookings and other services are all set out on this website. We reserve the right to change any prices at any time. However, once the booking has been accepted, we will not alter the price.
  2. Once the payment has been made in full using credit/debit cards, we will send confirmation via email ASAP or if confirmation is requested via post, we will send this out as soon as reasonably possible but within 15 days of placing an order.
    Times + Locations:
  1. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to change the date, time, Instructor and location of venue. We will notify you as soon as possible of changes.
  2. If any changes made by us results in service not being provided or you are unable to attend after notification by us, you will be entitled to full refund for any training not taken.
  1. Bookings and other services can be cancelled at any time within 14 days of confirmation by calling 0333-5776661 or via email at
  2. Lessons and services booked can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 30 days before the confirmed date (see refund policy below).
    Refund Policy:
  1. When cancellation of any service booked is within 14 days, we will process the refund to you as soon as possible but within 10 working days from notice of cancelation.
  2. If you cancel a booking or service where we are not at fault after the 14 days “cooling off” period and before 30 days, we will issue a credit note to be used for another booking or service (subject to availability).
  3. If the booking is cancelled after 30 days, there will be no entitlement to credit note or refund but we will try to offer an alternative date or service where possible and subject to availability.
  4. A refund of payment will only be made to the person who originally made the booking and via same method used when making the booking.
  5. Any cancellations made less than “48 hours” notice or failing to attend at the appointed date and time will result in no entitlement to refund or credit note.
  6. Any payments for lessons booked directly with Instructors and any subsequent issues and refunds are to be dealt directly between you and the Instructor as the “contract” is then between yourself and the Instructor.
  7. Nothing in the above cancellation and refund clauses affects your statuary rights.
  1. Liability for any losses incurred as a result of us breaking any agreement/contract is limited to the payment made for the service or booking.
  2. We shall not be held liable for any loss, costs or damages including hotel and travel expenses that might be incurred due to unforeseeable or foreseeable circumstances which result in any modification of the agreement or booking.
  3. All bookings made with us are for private use, if any lessons are booked for business or resale purposes, we will have no liability for any loss of income, profit or Data.
  1. Any lessons or services booked must comply with our driving schools T&C and governing bodies guidelines and conditions (DVSA). All candidates must meet and comply with the DVSA eye test and medical conditions requirements and standards. (see DVSA website for more information)
  2. For “On Road” driving lessons, pupils must be aged over 17 and must be in possession of a UK provisional license. The license will be inspected before training starts and when attending for theory and practical driving test.
  3. During any training all pupils must respect and adhere to all laws relating to mobile phones and wearing seat belts.
  4. All pupils must comply and respect any reasonable instruction and requests by Instructors and representatives during any training.
  5. Junior “Off Road” participants must be over the age of 10 with a minimum height of 1.45 meters. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.
  6. ADI/Instructor candidates must be over the age of 21 and fulfill all the standards and conditions laid out by DVSA to become a Driving Instructor (see DVSA website and ADI14 Booklet).
  7. Failure to comply with any of the conditions will result in lesson/booking termination and there will no entitlement to any refund or rescheduling of lessons.
    Terms and Conditions Changes:
  1. In the case of any legislative changes, we have the right to revise, vary or amend our terms and conditions without any notice.
  2. We will as soon as practically possible, notify customers of any changes effecting their booking or agreement with us and in the case of changes not being appropriate or not acceptable we will refund the payment for any outstanding bookings or service.
    Complaints Procedure:
  1. Any complaint or grievance in the first instance must be lodged immediately on the day with staff or Instructors, allowing the complaint or grievance to be dealt with straightaway.
  2. In the case of the matter not being resolved please contact the company on 0333-5776661 or write to
  3. If we are not able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction then the matter can be referred to DVSA and they will be able to help and advice to the best way forward.
    Filming and Use of Cameras:
  1. Taking photographs and videos for personnel use and as teaching aids is permitted.
  2. Any footage taken by the driving school for teaching or promotion of business will remain the property of the driving school. Material may be used in promotion of the company unless clearly stated otherwise by the individual customer.
  3. Customers paying for any recording of their experience or lessons will be given the recording to takeaway however apart from quality of recording we will not be responsible if the equipment used at home is not up to the required standard. In the case of poor quality, we will refund the payment made.
    Problems Beyond Our Control:
  1. In the case of any problems or “Force majeure” out of our control resulting in delays, performance or cancellations under our agreement/contract we will not be held liable or responsible.
  2. We will make every effort to minimize any delays or cancelations however in the case of extreme delays or cancellation we will try to reschedule the booking.
  3. If the rescheduling of the booking is not appropriate or acceptable, we will refund the payment made.

Please print a copy of these terms and conditions for your reference

1ST Choice S.O.M (Leeds) Ltd.

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